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What is mylocalsalon?
Offering the ultimate in convenience and technology, mylocalsalon enables you to search through hundreds of Australian hairdressing salons, beauty salons, spas and wellness centres according to business type, service, location and price, then book appointments directly with that business, and receive an immediate booking confirmation. mylocalsalon also features a free iPhone application, exclusive mylocalsalon specials and in the future, GPS-tracked SMS communication.

How does the online booking work?
mylocalsalon is one of the only online directory sites for hair and beauty that is fully integrated with the booking system within each participating business. This means that when you make a booking online, you are making it directly into the business’s appointment book. You will receive an immediate on-screen confirmation of your booking, along with an email confirming all salon and booking details.

What happens when I register with mylocalsalon?
The first time you make a booking you will need to register with mylocalsalon. As part of the registration process you will need to accept the standard Terms and Conditions of mylocalsalon. Then, for every booking you will be required to accept the individual business’ online booking Terms and Conditions, including their cancellation policy.

Once you register with mylocalsalon, you are able to book with any business listed on the site, simply by logging in. You do not need to register each time to book with multiple businesses.

You can also manage and update all your contact and profile information in mylocalsalon. We will respect your privacy and personal information at all times. View our privacy policy for more information.

How will I know if my booking is confirmed?
You will receive immediate on-screen confirmation of your booking, along with an email confirming all appointment and location details.

Do I have to pay when I make a booking?
Generally, no. In most cases, you pay for your services at the business when you visit for your appointment. However, some businesses may require upfront payment of some or all of the appointment’s service cost. Others may require you to submit a credit card number to secure the booking, but do not require upfront payment.

Cancellation fees may also be applicable if you do not give sufficient notice. Check with the individual business in question.

What if I need to change my booking?
Please contact the business directly if you need to cancel or change your appointment. mylocalsalon is unable to make appointment changes or cancel appointments for you.

Where do the ratings and reviews come from?
The reviews and ratings on mylocalsalon come from people who have recently visited the business.

Once you have visited one of the participating businesses on mylocalsalon, you will be sent either an email or text message asking you to complete a five-question rating survey. You will also have the opportunity to write a general review comment. This information is collated and published on the mylocalsalon site allowing visitors to read and make choices based on others’ opinions.

If you had a great experience, please take 1 minute to rate the business for the purposes of sharing with others. Salons with higher overall ratings will appear higher in the search result list.


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